28 July 2017

SABÁ: "Conexão RAKTA"

A compilation of Brasilian artists that RAKTA put together before their US/Canada/Japan tour last summer. Pieces from FLORES FEIAS, GRUTA, MARCELA LUCATELLI, POST, RAQUEL KRÜGEL, DIBUK and others, including solo contributions from two of the three members (CARLA BOREGAS and ACAVERNUS). It would be a waste of my time and yours for me to discuss each track, but this hour contains chaos, harsh sonic realities, calming sounds, and so much beauty. You deserve this. 

Physical Copies: SABA

27 July 2017


A few months ago there was a fest thing in Oakland called Manic Relapse and a bunch of good bands played. I don't like to pick favorites, and seeing PISSCHRIST in a dirt floor basement at 3am is hard to top....but fukk me is Mexico's CRIMEN wasn't the single best set I saw all weekend (then again...TOZCOS in the backyard....why should I have to choose?!). By defying conventional '00s crucial mores and writing the tracks they want to write, this trio takes simple and makes it perfect by making it their own. "Traicíon" is the best song that you will hear today. Period. 

26 July 2017


Read yesterday's 23 MORE MINUTES post and think about the whole "no rules" thing that I implied was a great wonder of thee DIY '90s. Now listen to Pleasanton, California's FUAD RAMSEY for a darker take on that same phenomenon. It's like MINUTEMEN gone PRIMUS and it doesn't have any business existing anywhere, much less on this blog...but I include it here in the same spirit that I have shared many things. Bad things. Things that make you feel better about yourself. Because I like to help. Try it. It feels good. 

25 July 2017


It was a different time, and your punk rules about how things were supposed to be? They didn't matter in general, and they certainly didn't matter in Glorieta, New Mexico. Most people probably know them from the split LP with LOGICAL NONSENSE (essential listening for fans of early US DIY punk, and fans of good music in general), but this 1990 demo is a fukkn timeless artifact...vocals are gruff and tuneful, songs have hooks but they are filthy and determined in a way that predates weirdly objectionable "region" rock by at least a decade. Also, three song titles start with the word "things" and nine of the twelve songs here start with Keith's bass. For context, this is what US punks were doing just a few years after MINOR THREAT called it quits....in other words: they were doing whatever they wanted. And it was awesome. 

24 July 2017


Enjoy this three track Synth/Punk/Noise/Freakshow released in 2012 by MYNX, a California outfit seemingly bent on pushing boundaries and breaking rules. Maximum volume yields, and the yields here are stellar. And weird. Are you prepared?

(also: bass at the start of "Cavity" is fukkn deadly)

23 July 2017


I've visited these ladies previously, but every time I come back I feel fulfilled once more...and I hope the same for you. Like gazing into a sunset with the wind in your face, Portland trio CANDACE (formerly IS/IS, named changed for relatively obvious reasons) capture COCTEAU vibes but still make me feel like I wanna start riding vintage motorcycles. How do you describe that in the context of sound? I don't know, man, but these songs just get me....and I keep coming back to them. 

22 July 2017


Very much from the OBSERVERS and NEON PISS school of hopelessly infectious punk and sinks into your very soul and turns you into a freak for sing along punk before you even realize that you are wearing a D-CLONE shirt and singing along is not cool. I dunno, man....this stuff just rules me. 

21 July 2017


The cover implies that this was a tape left for Karin (SPITBOY, FULL BONEY) by the boys in DAS DAMEN. The contents indicate that this is a recording of a radio show circa late '80s/early '90s featuring piles of killer tracks from a time when hardcore and punk and indie and college rock were all kinda colliding in a way that I can really not imagine ever happening again. It's essentially the time when I got into punk, and it's a collision of sounds and ideas and subgenres that I miss. 

20 July 2017


There's a BAD SEEDS vibe. Surely it would have been filed with THE EGYPTIANS and other assorted alt rock of the time (1986)...but really I know nothing of the actual context, or whether those deadly guitars are coming from a place of post punk intensity or an artificially manufactured...something. I mean, really all I have is this tape, so any supposition or hypothesizing is just a few steps short of complete bullshit. And yet I want to say MIDNIGHT CHOIR is like HICKOIDS meets MISSION UK...and for about ten of you, that is going to sound like the coolest thing ever. So, to those ten people: I am posting this for you.

19 July 2017


I remember scooping this from Vinnie's distro after a VACCUUM practice a looong time ago. Meant to post it then because it was fresh and it was hyped, but I guess I'm posting it now because it's a seven year old debut demo from a band that has consistently wowed with every release. Guitar shreds on point even from day one, and I swear Dru even sounds younger on this tape - but mostly these Texas fools just know how to crank out one killer tune after another.  Of course, this shouldn't really be news to most of you. "No Hay Futuro" on repeat all damn day. 

18 July 2017


Ramshackle bass-free mutant core from the Chicago suburbs sometime in the Lost Decade Ov Thee '90s. Three tracks (most listeners would not be able to take much more) of pure chaos, like AFTERBIRTH playing NEGATIVE APPROACH. Bass break in "The Kids At School" is worth smashing your computer to bits on its own...the rest of the shit is just gravy. "Shotgun Facelift" is the soundtrack of the day.

17 July 2017


Man, I can describe this beast, but there's no way I can do it justice. I mean....a short collection of UK punk covers - who needs that, right? Well...you do, punk. You need this. Hard driving primal versions of SUBHUMANS, ENGLISH DOGS, VICE SQUAD, GBH and THE EJECTED tracks, delivered with paper bag distortion guitars and viciously hollow vocals. It's such a simple proposition, and one that I am inclined to accept. 

16 July 2017


Originally posted here back in 2010, the 1982 LP from Holland's VACUÜM deserves a revisit. Fully programmed drums and a fun, irreverent approach to fast, aggressive punk. Not much to say that I didn't say the first time around, so in case you missed it...

15 July 2017


Sometimes I just want it smart and snappy. Sometimes I want the tunes stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Some days I don't want distorted guitars and walls of sound - some days I want to bounce off the walls and even smile a little bit while I sing along because I don't parlez-vous Français but I sure can regurgitate a catchy tune (as long as no one is watching). FAUX DÉPART hits the same nerve for me as OBSERVERS, VERDUN, SMOKERS, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS....you get the drill. It's the good kind of catchy. Actually, it's great.

14 July 2017


A weird one, and I imagine one that will be tough for most of you to even venture into, much less get into. But....damn. 22 earli '00s Russian and Ukrainian punk acts that definitely lean more on the mainstream end of the spectrum, but there is something indescribably coimpelling about bands like this that develop in other-world vacuums (I think that Шмели is the most perfect example on this release). Flirtations with "traditional" sounds are frequent (as are nods at goth and late '80s Manchester), and even though I find this more interesting than essential, it goes to show that this thing we do exists all over the damned place....and has done so for quite a while. It ain't just about rehashed NYHC breakdowns and subtly tweaked DISCHARGE riffs, you know?